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Catch up on previous webinars hosted by the NNSS

Invasive Species Week 2024

Supporting local action on non-native species: INNS Mapper and the Floating Pennywort Strategy


Invasive non-native species impacts and response on the island of Anguilla


Non-native Species Inspectorate update


INNS surveillance and rapid eradication in Scotland


Using eDNA to detect invasive non-native species

Welcome to Invasive Species Week.

With Professor Helen Roy, UK CEH

IPBES Invasive Alien Species Assessment

Invasive Species Week 2023


BSBI Plant Atlas 2020

With Dr Oliver Pescott, May 2023. 

Greater white-toothed shrew

With Professor Graham Smith, May 2023 

Biosecurity for LIFE project

With the RSPB and NTS, May 2023

Invasive Species Week 2022

Strengthening biosecurity on Tristan da Cunha

With the NNSS, May 2022. 

Invasive marine species

With Cefas, May 2022. 

Biological recording

With Professor Helen Roy, May 2021.

Invasive Species Week 2021

Wildlife friendly gardening with non-invasive plants

With Coventry University, May 2021.

Why are bees so important and how can we help protect them from Asian hornet?

With the National Bee Unit, May 2021.

Horizon scanning for invasive non-native species

With Professor Helen Roy, May 2021.