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Marine Pathways Group

Marine Pathways Project: 2012-2015

The marine pathways project was undertaken by organisations within the UK and Ireland and contributed to the delivery of the Non-Indigenous species descriptor of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD). The overall aim of the project was to protect marine biodiversity in the UK and Ireland by managing key pathways by which marine invasive non native species (NNS) are introduced and spread. The project ended in April 2015.

Commercial shipping, recreational boating, aquaculture and natural dispersal have been highlighted as potential pathways by which invasive NNS may be introduced. The project therefore aimed to understand the risk associated with each of these pathways. In addition, the project investigated biosecurity measures which may be implemented to reduce the risk of introduction and spread of NNS, as well as conducting research into eradication, control and management strategies which will play a role in elimination or reducing spread of NNS in the event of an introduction. 

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