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Pathway Action Plans

Pathways are the routes and mechanisms of the introduction and spread of invasive non-native species (INNS). Pathway Action Plans (PAPs) aim to prevent or manage the risk posed by particular pathways using measures such as raising public awareness, minimizing the contamination of goods, commodities, vehicles and equipment by invasive non-native species, and ensuring appropriate border checks.  The development of PAPs is important to ensuring high biosecurity standards, as well as increasing awareness of INNS, and have been part of our GB Non-native Species Strategy from its inception, now forming part of our implementation of retained EU legislation. 

Priority pathways

Following the comprehensive analysis of pathways of introduction and spread carried out in 2019, we have prioritised six pathways. These are:

  1. Hull fouling
  2. Horticulture escapes
  3. Contaminants of ornamental plants
  4. Ballast water
  5. Stowaways on fishing equipment
  6. Zoo or botanic garden escapes. 

The PAPs developed so far are presented here. We will be developing further PAPs and adding them sequentially, and we welcome comments from all as they are being developed. There will be a further public consultation on them all, once comments received via the website have been considered.

Current plans

Links to the plans and their associated documents are provided below. To comment on any of the plans, please email: nonnativepathways@apha.gov.uk

Horticulture Pathway Action Plan

Angling Pathway Action Plan

The UK Angling Pathway Action Plan is divided into separate documents for Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) and Northern Ireland.

Recreational Boating Pathway Action Plan

The UK Recreational Boating Pathway Action Plan is divided into separate documents for Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) and Northern Ireland.

Zoos Pathway Action Plan

Pathway Action Plan documents: