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All non-native species records are useful, helping to identify trends and track the distribution of over 1800 non-native plants and animals. In Britain we are lucky to have a wealth of information about our plants and animals that has been collected by enthusiastic recorders for over 200 years.

With the development of online recording sites and smartphone apps it is now easier than ever for anyone to provide useful biological records of non-native species.

Where to send your records

You can record any non-native species online through iRecord (external link) Please include a photograph of your sighting if you have one, to help with identification. There are also recording schemes to encourage reporting of certain species, see the list of smartphone apps and websites below.  

Species to record

By far the most important data you can provide are ‘early warning’ records of new non-native species and those that are only just starting to establish. By recording these ‘alert’ species as quickly as possible you could be helping to prevent the establishment of a new invasive non-native species.

The following are current alert species:




Identification materials

  • View free ID sheets for over 60 non-native species.

Smartphone apps

Other non-native species recording schemes





I can't submit my alert species records online or through an app

If you are unable to upload your alert species records online, you can send a non-native species record by email or post to:

The Biological Records Centre
CEH Wallingford
Maclean Building
Crowmarsh Gifford
OX10 8BB

Looking to get more involved in identifying and recording wildlife?

If you get involved in the recording schemes above and enjoy looking for non-native species, you may become interested in recording other wildlife. If so, take a look at iSpot (external link), a website aimed at helping anyone identify anything in nature.

Once registered, you can add an observation to the website, suggest an identification yourself, or see if anyone else can identify it for you. Take a look and get more involved in recording wildlife today!