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Tips for retailers to Be Plant Wise

We all want to look after the environment and our native wildlife for future generations to enjoy. As a retailer you can help by taking simple measures to avoid spreading invasive plants, and educating your customers on how they can do this too.

Contact us to order your free Be Plant Wise pack.


Ask your customers to Be Plant Wise:

Gardeners can help by following these three simple steps:

Know what you grow

Choose the right plants for your garden, pond and water features.

Stop the spread

Keep your plants in your garden - don't plant them, or allow them to grow, in the wild.

Compost with care

Dispose of your unwanted plants, roots, weeds, seeds, and seed heads responsibly.

Read more on how to Be Plant Wise and request a free Be Plant Wise pack with posters, stickers and leaflets to help you educate your customers and support them in preventing their plants from spreading into the wild.

Prevent the spread of invasive plants

There are a range of plants that are already banned from sale, and it is an offence to allow a number of the most invasive plants to grow in the wild. In Scotland it is an offence to allow any non-native plant to grow in the wild. Many invasive plants can still be legally sold, but should only be grown, managed and disposed of with caution to avoid environmental harm.

Find out more about restricted non-native plants and guidance on legislation around non-native species.

Other suggested measures to take in store:

  • Label plants correctly with their correct full botanical name in addition to any other common names (if used). Contact your suppliers if there are discrepancies.
  • Help customers to choose appropriate plants, depending on the size and purpose of their garden or pond.
  • Make sure there aren’t any contaminants in or on any plants, water or soil that you sell.
  • Clean your tools, equipment and footwear regularly, including any pots and trays you reuse, to avoid spreading plant fragments, seeds or plant diseases.
  • Look out for anything unusual and report pests and diseases through the Plant Health Portal.
  • If you find something that can’t be reported using the link above, you can report non-native species through iRecord.

Training materials

The following training is available for retailers:

Thank you for helping us to look after the environment. If you have any questions or would like to order any materials please email us.