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The GB Non-native Species Secretariat (NNSS) has responsibility for helping to coordinate the approach to invasive non-native species in Great Britain. The NNSS is responsible to a Programme Board which represents the relevant governments and agencies of England, Scotland and Wales.

Aims of the NNSS

  • To support the actions and decisions of the Programme Board, undertaking a programme of work to meet these aims.
  • To organise and facilitate meetings for the Programme Board, Stakeholder Forum, Risk Analysis Panel (NNRAP) and Working Groups.
  • To ensure the smooth functioning of the Programme Board, through effective communication with all relevant parties.
  • To produce and maintain a central web-based source of information on non-native species issues and the GB co-ordinating mechanism for non-native species issues.
  • To report annually on its activities to the Programme Board.
  • To act as a central link for developments on non-native species in Ireland, Europe and UK Overseas Territories.

The NNSS website

The NNSS has produced this website in order to help those interested in finding out more about invasive non-native species and to facilitate those working on this subject in Great Britain. Use this site to:

  • Keep up-to-date with news and events happening across GB
  • Find out about the problems caused by invasive non-native species
  • Find out what is happening in GB to help tackle these problems
  • Look up information about specific species, including where they are in GB
  • Learn how to identify the main problem species
  • Access our invasive non-native species risk assessments
  • Find out about invasive species projects taking place around GB

Commenting on or contributing to the website

Our website is here to support the Invasive Non-native Species Framework Strategy for Great Britain (external link) and all the stakeholders involved in this work. 

If you have a comment or suggestion for the website we would like to hear from you and we encourage contributions from our stakeholders.

We encourage you to contact us to send in:

  • Information about non-native species projects
  • Details of events to add to our events feed
  • Articles to add to our news feed
  • Images to add to our gallery (remember you will have to agree to allow these to be used by anyone that wants to use them)
  • Non-native species sounds and video clips
  • Case studies relating to invasive species
  • Comments on all of our work, particularly the Non-native Species Information Portal, Risk Assessments and ID sheets
  • Examples of education and awareness materials
  • Good practice management and biosecurity information.