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Reports, documents and links


The marine pathways project produced a quarterly newsletter detailing brief updates on the subject of non-native species and on specific project components. 

Biosecurity and Awareness Raising

North Wales Marine Aliens Tool Kit

Project report: Developing a Network of Volunteers to Champion the Issue of Marine Alien Species (PDF) (North Wales Wildlife Trust and Natural Resources Wales, 2015).

Appendices (ZIP) containing:

  1. INNS Projects (Excel)
  2. INNS Project Plan (JPG)
  3. Introduction to the Workshop (PowerPoint)
  4. Marine Alien Species: An Overview (PowerPoint)
  5. Marine Alien Species: Champions (PowerPoint)
  6. Marine Alien Species: Biosecurity (PowerPoint)
  7. Event Poster Template (Word)
  8. CCD Marine Plants Bilingual (PDF)
  9. Mitten Crab (JPG)
  10. Pacific Oyster (JPG)
  11. Wakame (JPG)
  12. Slipper Limpet (JPG)
  13. Wireweed (JPG)
  14. Useful Links (JPG)
  15. Roller Marine Aliens (PDF)
  16. MASC Logo (JPG)
  17. MASC Logo (PNG)
  18. MAS Information (Word)
  19. NWWLT Marine Pathways Champions Project Report 31 March 2014 (PDF)

Identification, Risk Assessment and Monitoring