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Call for manuscripts for special issue of Journal of Zoological and Botanical Gardens

The Journal of Zoological and Botanical Gardens (ISSN 2673-5636) is calling for manuscripts for an upcoming special issue: "Invasive species in botanical and zoological gardens". 

From the guest editor:

The global spread and impact of invasive alien species represent a significant problem for human well-being and natural resources and are key to reducing negative impacts. Botanical gardens and zoos often play an important role in the early cultivation and introduction of the world's most invasive species. However, we currently have limited knowledge of the risks posed by invasive or potentially invasive species occurring in living collections, as well as the methods for managing them. To effectively combat biological invasions, we need to establish a stronger global network between botanical gardens and zoos. In this regard, education, information sharing and capacity building play key roles. Botanical gardens and zoos can effectively manage biological invasions globally and strengthen their leadership positions in global species conservation.

For this Special Issue, we are looking for manuscripts that present the results of observation and research into invasive species occurring in botanical gardens and zoos. This includes their biological characteristics, life history, invasiveness, behaviour, circumstances of their escape and their impact on the environment. Additionally, we would like to learn about botanical and zoo guidelines, protocols and education, as well as the possible control and management methods for monitoring and preventing the spread of invasive species.

We welcome a wide range of manuscripts in this Special Issue, ranging from original articles to case studies and methodological or review studies.

Find out more (external link) and submit a manuscript.