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Last edited: Jun 28, 2022, 10:36 AM

View all resources published during Invasive Species Week 2022. If you'd like us to add your activities, please contact us


Shetland Community Wildlife Group

  1. Welcome to INNS Week!
  2. Monitoring marine non-natives at UHI Shetland
  3. Introduced Plants in Shetland
  4. Introduced animals in Shetland
  5. Mousa Biosecurity Trail

Thompson Environmental Consultants

  1. Developers, watch out for these invasive species
  2. Thompson Habitats fight back against invasive species


  1. Taking action to tackle invasive species through volunteering (external link)
  2. Gardening without invasive plants

British Canoeing

  1. What are invasive non-native species and their impacts?
  2. Why paddlers are tackling invasive non-native species.
  3. Invasive non-native species, how paddlers can help.

Tees Rivers Trust

  1. INNS week 2022: Day 1
  2. INNS week 2022: Day 2
  3. INNS week 2022: Day 3
  4. INNS week 2022: Day 4
  5. INNS week 2022: Day 5

Biosecurity for Life

  1. Guest blog: Project partners National Trust
  2. Jinx update one
  3. From the edge of the world – biosecurity on St Kilda

Wildlife Link

  1. The impact of INNS on trees and woodlands
  2. Recovering ‘Ratty’ - why we can’t shy away from tackling invasive American mink
  3. Working in partnership to tackle floating pennywort
  4. Tackling the INNS in our gardens
  5. Biosecurity for LIFE: protecting seabirds from invasive predators

Mammal Society

  1. Reviewing Deer in Britain for Invasive Species Week – 16th -22nd May 2022
  2. Chinese Water Deer – INNS Week 2022
  3. Sika Deer – INNS Week 2022
  4. Reeves’ Muntjac Deer – INNS Week 2022
  5. Fallow Deer – INNS Week 2022
  6. Red Deer – INNS Week 2022
  7. Roe Deer – INNS Week 2022


  1. Stirling Council Council raises awareness of giant hogweed dangers
  2. British Trust for Ornithology Tackling invasives: unpicking the definitions
  3. Natural Resources Wales Controlling Cotoneaster across North Wales
  4. Rivercare Himalayan balsam
  5. Birds on the Edge Around the world with invasive species
  6. National Trust for Scotland From the edge of the world 2022 – part 4
  7. Broads Authority Public asked to look out for invasive species in the Broads
  8. British Rowing Why rowers need to Check, Clean, Dry
  9. Environment Agency On target to tackle invasive species
  10. Scottish Environment Link Invasive non-native species: should all nature be championed
  11. AQUA – The RAPID Response Invasive Species Week starts today!
  12. UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology Communicating the threat of invasive alien species across Europe
  13. PCA Property Care Invasive Species Week – public awareness & understanding is important!
  14. Reclaiming Reds – Invasive Species Week 2022
  15. Canoe Wales Be on the lookout - it's Invasive Non-native Species Week!
  16. South West Lakes Trust Working together to tackle the spread of invasive non-native species
  17. Cabi 5 UK invasive species and their impact on native wildlife



  1. Bualnaluib Primary School Introduction to biosecurity
  2. Scourie Primary School The story of American mink in Scotland
  3. Kellands Primary School Giant hogweed in Scotland


  1. Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Alien species of amphibian and reptile in the UK
  2. Wildlife Trust South and West Wales Check Clean Dry
  3. The Green Blue Check Clean Dry
  4. Wye Valley AONB How to pull Himalayan balsam
  5. MBA Non–native species in the Itchen and Hamble Estuaries
  6. Biosecurity for Life Seabird Island biosecurity animation
  7. Loughs Agency Biosecurity video
  8. Biodiversity Data Centre Ireland Be Plant Wise
  9. UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology Asian hornet
  10. Marine Scotland Invasive marine species
  11. Invasive Species Northern Ireland Marine invasive non-native species
  12. South East Water Invasive non-native species
  13. Ecostructure Biofouling on a boat hull 360° video: What happens when boats are not cleaned regularly!
  14. Invasive Species Northern Ireland Advice for anglers
  15. Biodiversity Data Centre Ireland American skunk cabbage timelapse
  16. UK Squirrel Accord Impacts of grey squirrel
  17. River Holme Connections How to identify and pull Himalayan balsam
  18. Defra Minister Rebecca Pow Asian hornet
  19. Trent Rivers Trust Himalayan balsam
  20. Essex & Suffolk Water Floating pennywort group
  21. North Wales Wildlife Trust Check Clean Dry
  22. Humber Nature Partnership Muntjac deer spotted on camera trap
  23. Tyne Rivers Trust Identifying invasive species: Himalayan balsam

Yorkshire Water

  1. Invasive non-native species
  2. video

Forestry Commission

  1. Minimising the spread of tree pests and diseases
  2. Oak Processionary Moth

Angling Trust

  1. Invasive non-native species
  2. Species to look out for

Canal & River Trust

  1. Check Clean Dry
  2. Invasive species control: canal users

Japanese Knotweed Ltd

  1. Non-native species in the UK
  2. Non-native species worldwide


  1. Independent Call for action to stop ‘invasive hitchhikers’ threatening UK wildlife
  2. Guernsey Press Volunteers try to stop plant’s fort invasion
  3. Border Telegraph Public asked to help Tweed Forum tackle invasive plants in Borders
  4. Countryfile Endangered crayfish released in UK rivers to boost dwindling populations
  5. Guardian South American weevils released in UK waterways to tackle invasive weed
  6. Telegraph ‘Wonder weevil’ takes on pennywort weed in the battle for clear rivers
  7. ENDS Report ‘Wonder weevils’ released in fight against invasive species
  8. Hort Week ‘Wonder weevils’ released in fight against invasive species
  9. Hebden Bridge News Wonder Weevil released in fight against floating pennywort
  10. USA News Hub South American weevils released in UK waterways to tackle invasive weed
  11. Property Aspects Magazine ‘Wonder Weevil' released in fight against invasive floating pennywort
  12. Water Briefing South American weevils released as biocontrol to protect UK waterways against invasive non-native plant
  13. Government World ‘Wonder Weevil’ released in fight against invasive floating pennywort
  14. Bailiwick Express Invasive Species Week 2022


  1. BBC Alba the SISI Project
  2. BBC Radio Ulster Farming Matters
  3. BBC Sounds Farm Gate
  4. BBC Sounds Farming Today


  1. Woodland Trust – Rhododendron in the Rainforest 19 May
  2. Devon Local Nature Partnership – Wild about Devon 19 May
  3. Invasive marine species, with Cefas. Hosted by the NNSS.
  4. Tackling the spread of marine INNS in four steps, hosted by APEM.
  5. Non-native species – what’s the problem, and what can be done? With Dr Paul Walton, RSPB. Hosted by the NNSS.
  6. Tips on gardening without invasive plants, hosted by the GB NNSS.
  7. Biosecurity in the UK Overseas Territories, hosted by the GB NNSS.
  8. Life at 30 - celebrating our various island restoration projects and biosecurity for LIFE (Welcome and introduction from our Chair: Sophie Thomas, Protecting and restoring the Shiant Isles SPA (black rat eradication): Laura Bambini, Safeguarding Orkneys native wildlife from invasive non-native stoats: Sarah Sankey, Maintaining and enhancing the Isles of Scilly SPA (brown rat eradication): Jaclyn Pearson, Rathlin Acting For Tomorrow (brown rat and ferret eradication): John Kelly, TBC - Karen Varnham, Biosecurity for LIFE: Thomas Churchyard).