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Event biosecurity

Britain is home to large areas of countryside which support a wide range of wildlife, and are important for our health, wellbeing, and the economy. Taking part in outdoor events is a great way to explore our natural environment, but comes with a responsibility to protect them.

Invasive non-native species and other biosecurity threats, such as diseases, reduce our ability to access and enjoy waterways for sport and recreation, and harm the environment and our native wildlife. Invasive non-native species can easily be spread on footwear, clothing, boats and equipment. Everyone can reduce the risk by following a good biosecurity routine, remember to Check Clean Dry after leaving the water.

Guidance for event organisers

Event organisers can play a key part in improving biosecurity and protecting the environment, both at the event and afterwards, by helping to educate participants and change the way they carry out their activities in the future.

Participants should be asked to arrive at the event with all their kit clean and dry. It is recommended to set up a cleaning station for those who turn up with damp or dirty kit and for use after the event.


The materials below provide more information and tips to help with biosecurity planning for events:

Pre-event information

The Angling Trust have produced pre-event guidance for participants of large angling events which can be circulated by event organisers. This is available in a number of languages: