Identifying Invasive Freshwater Shrimps and Isopods

29 March 2012

Identifying Invasive Freshwater Shrimps and Isopods

The Killer Shrimp is just one of the non-native crustaceans that arrived in Great Britain after invading into Europe.  To help raise awareness of this and other species and support detection, Defra have funded the Freshwater Biological Association to produce an identification guide to existing and potential new invaders.

The booklet is free to download here: identifying invasive freshwater shrimps and isopods

Completed in March 2012, the booklet includes species that are already present in the UK, along with others that are invasive across mainland Europe and which may be recorded here in due course. It is designed to be printed as an A5-sized booklet.

This will be available in printed form in a few months' time, once feedback has been received and incorporated on any errors that need correcting. Therefore, if you do have any comments, please email these to the author:,.uk.

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