Be Plant Wise and help our native wildlife to thrive by stopping the spread of invasive plants

23 September 2020

Be Plant Wise and help our native wildlife to thrive by stopping the spread of invasive plants
Today we’re relaunching the Be Plant Wise campaign as part of UK Plant Health Week! We’re asking retailers to take our pledge to support the campaign and order a free Be Plant Wise pack, and gardeners and pond owners to dispose of their unwanted plants responsibly this autumn to help prevent the spread of invasive plants.

Why are invasive plants a problem?

Many popular garden and pond plants are not native to Britain – they have been introduced from other parts of the world. While they can help us to create beautiful displays to enjoy, if they escape into the wild some can become invasive, harming wildlife and the environment, the economy, and even our health and the way we live.

Once established, invasive plants are costly to control and the damage they cause can be irreversible. Pond and aquarium plants can be particularly devastating if they escape into a natural waterbody.

How can I help to protect the environment while enjoying my garden?

We all want to look after the environment and our native wildlife for future generations to enjoy. Be Plant Wise by following our three simple tips:
  • Know what you grow – Choose the right plants for your garden, pond and water features.
  • Stop the spread – Keep your plants in your garden and don’t plant anything in the wild.
  • Compost with care - Dispose of your unwanted plants, roots, weeds, seeds, and seed heads responsibly.
Find out more on the Be Plant Wise website. Retailers can order a free Be Plant Wise pack with posters, leaflets and stickers to display in store and share with your customers.

19th-27th September is UK Plant Health Week, find out more on the International Year of Plant Health website (external link) or by following Nicola Spence, UK Chief Plant Health Officer on Twitter @plantchief.

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