Suggestions for lockdown activities

12 May 2020

Suggestions for lockdown activities
In these difficult times we know that many of you have been finding solace in nature, whether that’s listening to birdsong from your window, noticing plants beginning to flower in your neighbourhood, or spotting the insects starting to visit them.

We know that many of you will be extremely busy with other priorities at the moment, but some may be looking for activities to help occupy yourselves and your families safely during lockdown. If you are, we’ve put together a few ideas that will also benefit the environment:

Free online training

You can learn about invasive plants and animals, how to identify them, and how to prevent their spread, with our free online training. It’s particularly useful for anyone that works or volunteers outside.

Educational activities for children

Download fun, free activities for children to teach them about invasive plants and animals.

Record non-native species

See how many non-native plants and animals you can spot from your window, in your garden, or on your daily exercise. Look out for invasive species like Asian hornet and record any sightings online.

Biosecurity planning

If you’re part of an angling, sailing or paddling club, or help to manage large events, we have free resources to help you plan how to improve your biosecurity and protect the waters you use.

Suggested activities for clubs and managers of aquatic assets:
Event managers:
  • Look at building biosecurity into your plans for future events. Download a free event biosecurity guide with guidance on how to do this.

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