It's Invasive Species Week!

13 May 2019

It's Invasive Species Week!
Invasive Species Week 2019 has begun! We’re delighted to have Ireland, the Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey involved for the second year running, and very excited to see everyone’s plans come to life!

There’s already lots happening on Twitter this morning, if you're posting remember to include #InvasivesWeek in all your social media posts to maximise their impact. We have a new Twitter account this year, @InvasiveSp.

If you fancy some reading material, we have a guest blog over on the APHA Science blog later today, or have a look at the Invasive Species Week website If you’d like to learn something new this week, there’s free online biosecurity training with really useful advice for anyone working in the field:

Thin strip of image show tree trunk and bark