New non-native species job: Marine Ecological Researcher / Project Officer

12 October 2017

New non-native species job: Marine Ecological Researcher / Project Officer
The Project Officer will coordinate a project funded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund to examine the feasibility and sustainability of harvesting a non-native seaweed resource in southwest England. Wild harvesting and farming of seaweed for food, fertilizer, alginate and other products is a rapidly growing industry in many regions. In parts of the UK, the non-native Asian kelp Undaria pinnatifida (‘Wakame’) has established and become an abundant and conspicuous component of natural communities.

This project will (i) synthesise existing information on the distribution and population biology of Wakame, (ii) examine its ecological functioning within native communities and (iii) yield new information on its potential value as a food source and aspects of biosecurity. This will involve sampling populations in low intertidal/shallow subtidal habitats, processing, basic data analysis and report writing.

The Project Officer will be directly line managed by Dr Dan Smale who will work with the successful candidate to meet the project’s objectives. They will also participate in wider group activities and research (see for further information). The Project Officer will engage with project partners (PML Applications) and wider stakeholders (e.g. regional SMEs, government agencies).

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