Restoration of Island Ecosystems workshop

29 January 2018

Restoration of Island Ecosystems workshop
When: 29 - 31 January 2018

Where: Peniche, Portugal

Registration: register online at 

From the event organisers:

In the framework of LIFE Berlengas Project (Conserving threatened habitats and species in Berlengas SPA through sustainable management), SPEA is organizing the workshop “Restoration of Island Ecosystems” that will be held in Peniche, Portugal, from 29 to 31 January 2018.

This workshop will be focused on invasive alien species (IAS) on islands, their impact and management.

Over recent decades, the management and even eradication of island invasives have developed from small-scale experimentation to large scale operations. This workshop will be useful to discuss the discovery of new approaches and share experiences from the lessons of earlier operations, good and bad.

This conference will bring together experts and those who want to know more about the invaders and invaded habitats and how to control or eradicate them, promoting the exchange of experiences between countries.

Abstract submission until November 30. Registration deadline December 15.

Registrations and more information at

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