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A mid-term assessment of implementing the EU Biodiversity Action Plan and Towards an EU Strategy on Invasive Alien Species (external link) – Council (Environment) conclusions (2009)

A new animal health strategy for the European Union (external link) (2007)

A perspective on climate change and invasive alien species (PDF) (2008)

Assessment of the impacts of IAS in Europe and the EU (external link) (2009)

Assessment to support continued development of the EU Strategy to combat invasive alien species (PDF). (Shine et al 2010)

CoE Code of conduct on horticulture and invasive alien plants (PDF)

ECOSTAT Workshop on Alien Species and the EC Water Framework Directive (external link) (2009)

EPPO/CoE Workshop on how to control invasive alien plants (PDF) - The case studies of Eichhornia crassipes and Eichhornia azurea

European Commission documents (external link)

European Strategy on Invasive Alien Species (external link) (2003)

Handbook of Alien Species in Europe (external link) (DAISIE 2009)

Implementation of recommendations on Invasive Alien Species (PDF) (2009)

Latest report from the Group of experts on Invasive Alien Species (external link) (2009)

Mission Statement of the Committee of the Regions (external link) (2009)

Review of the EU Common Plant Health Regime (external link) (2010)

Scope Options for EU Action on Invasive Alien Species (IAS) (PDF) (2006)

Technical Support to the EU Strategy on Invasive Alien Species (IAS) (external link) (2009)

Towards an EU Strategy (external link) (2008)

Towards an information and early warning system for invasive alien species threatening biodiversity in Europe (external link) (Genovesi et al 2010)

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