About NNSS

The Non-native Species Secretariat has responsibility for helping to coordinate the approach to invasive non-native species in Great Britain.  We are responsible to a Programme Board which represents the relevant governments and agencies of England, Scotland and Wales.

The NNSS has produced this website in order to help those interested in finding out more about invasive non-native species and to facilitate those working on this subject in Great Britain. 

Use this site to:
  • Keep up-to-date with news and events happening across GB
  • Find out about the problems caused by invasive non-native species
  • Find out what is happening in GB to help tackle these problems
  • Look up information about specific species, including where they are in GB
  • Learn how to identify the main problem species
  • Access our invasive non-native species risk assessments
  • Find out about invasive species projects taking place around GB

Thin strip of image show tree trunk and bark