Many invasive non-native species require management to limit their deleterious effects and much mitigation and control work is currently being carried out by a wide range of organisations in Britain. This work ranges from action at a very local scale (for example nature reserves), through catchment-scale or island-scale work to work at a national or even international level. It also involves individual land owners or managers in protecting their private interests and preventing nuisance for owners of neighbouring land.

Mitigation and control action is often site-specific but it is important that knowledge of best practice is shared and captured as a valuable resource. To facilitate this knowledge-sharing we are currently compiling a database of management (and research) projects on non-native species being carried out in GB. Register your management projects.

Much of the largescale work is being supported by government or the EU LIFE-Nature Programme. Some of these are highlighted below:

Thin strip of image show tree trunk and bark