Local Action Group Toolkit

Welcome to the Local Action Group Toolkit pages! This part of the website aims to assist non-native species action on the ground at local, county and regional levels. Here, you can find information, guidance and practical advice to help existing groups or forums to tackle non-native species and to help set up new initiatives.

Pocket guide to Balsam Bashing

The Pocket Guide to Balsam Bashing (external link) is a useful book for anyone looking to get involved in non-native species volunteering. Contains information on key non-native species and what can be done to help prevent their spread.

Non-native species information

General information on non-native species, and useful resources to help with identification and recording

  • Alert species - find out which species are currently on our alert list, and where to report sightings
  • Non-native Species Information Portal - information on over 300 species
  • ID sheets - information, descriptions and images to help with identification of over 60 different species
  • Recording non-native species - advice on recording non-native species, and links to recommended websites and smartphone apps
  • Gallery of images - downloadable photo gallery of non-native species
  • Videos - videos of expert commentary on four invasive non-native species
  • Sounds - vocal calls of some non-native species

Project planning

Guidance and resources that may be useful when planning a non-native species project

Awareness raising and communication

Links to existing awareness raising campaigns, key facts and statistics about non-native species, and guidance on communicating with stakeholders and the public

Guidance and advice

Information on management, biosecurity and legislation

We are very keen to make these pages as up-to-date and as useful as possible, so please contact us to suggest improvements or to add to the information.

Defra review of Local Action Group achievement

Over the last four years Defra has funded 29 Local Action Groups across England to tackle invasive non-native species in and around watercourses to reduce impacts on local communities, protect native biodiversity and reduce the cost to our economy. A recently commissioned report summarises overall achievements of the funding, highlights successes and blockages to progress and makes recommendations as to what is required to achieve long term sustainability of these Groups.

Defra is publishing the report so that Local Action Groups have an objective evidence base to demonstrate how they can provide local, cost effective solutions to the management of harmful non-native species in the future.

Local Action Group Report (PDF).

Thin strip of image show tree trunk and bark