Welcome to the training section of the NNSS website. Here you can find training and educational resources including e-learning, sector specific information, and examples of good practice.

Strategic Priorities

A review was undertaken in 2012 to assess the strategic priorities for non-native species training in Britain. Find out more about the work of the Non-native Species Training subgroup and download the strategic plan here.


With funding from Defra, the NNSS has developed a series of free e-learning modules for use by government and stakeholders. Modules currently include:

  • an introduction to non-native species
  • identification and recording
  • identification of key freshwater plants
  • identification of key freshwater invertebrates
  • identification of key riparian plants
  • biosecurity

Visit the NNSS e-learning site here

Find out more about the e-learning here

The University of Leeds have developed a version of the biosecurity module for anyone carrying out field work as part of their academic research. For more information and to take this module, visit their website here.

Sector specific training

The following pages provide access to all of the training information relevant to specific sectors:

Resources for schools and universities

A range of educational resources have been developed specifically for use in schools and universities. Find these resources here.

All resources

Use this page to find links to all of the training information available through the NNSS website. Find all resources here.

Training courses and providers

This page contains links to organisations and individuals providing non-native species training in Britain. Find these links here.

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