GB Strategy Review 2013

Five years on from the its original publication the Invasive Non-Native Species Framework Strategy for Great Britain was reviewed. 


The Invasive Non-Native Species Framework Strategy for Great Britain (“the GB Strategy”) was published in 2008. The GB Strategy, which built on the recommendations of the 2003 Defra–led policy review, was developed in close collaboration between government, industry and conservation NGOs.

The overall vision of the strategy was to develop:
  • widespread awareness and understanding of the risks and adverse impacts associated with invasive non-native species, and greater vigilance against these;
  • a stronger sense of shared responsibility across government, key stakeholder organisations, land managers and the general public; and
  • a guiding framework for national, regional and local invasive non-native species mitigation, control or eradication initiatives.
When the GB Strategy was launched in 2008, it included a commitment to review the strategy after five years, a process that formally commenced in September 2013.

Read the updated GB Strategy published in August 2015 (PDF, 3MB).

Structure of the Review

The review examined the continuing relevance of the aims, actions and mechanisms contained in the GB Strategy and whether any modifications or additions were merited.

As part of the review, we hosted six strategy review workshops with stakeholders based on the key themes of the GB Strategy. The aims of the workshops were to consider the relevance of the GB Strategy’s current objectives in light of future priorities; to review progress against each theme; and consider what changes could be made to improve the delivery of the GB Strategy’s objectives.

Reports were also commissioned from two international experts on invasive non-native species – Dr Piero Genovesi, Chair of the IUCN SSC Invasive Species Specialist Group, and Dr Phil Hulme of Lincoln University, New Zealand. They have independently reviewed the Strategy from an international perspective. Download a copy of the reports below:

Review of the GB Framework Strategy for Invasive Non-native Species - Dr Piero Genovesi (PDF, 1MB) 

Review of the GB Framework Strategy for Invasive Non-native Species - Dr Phil Hulme (PDF, 1MB)

Supporting documentation

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