AQUA - Pilot Biosecurity Accreditation Scheme

About the Scheme

AQUA (Aquatic Quality Award) is a biosecurity accreditation scheme that is being trialled as a regional pilot in the South West region of England through the RAPID LIFE Project. It is run by Bristol Zoological Society (alongside South West Water and the Animal and Plant Health Agency) through RAPID LIFE and is designed to help reduce the spread of invasive non-native species.

It is a way to reward water asset managers for excellence in biosecurity and be recognised as actively conserving their site to maximise native aquatic diversity. There are the three levels of the award, bronze, silver and gold - so there is opportunity for participants to gain a bronze level of accreditation and work towards the silver and gold levels. We hope that this scheme could eventually be rolled out to the rest of GB.
Bronze silver and gold AQUA award emblems for conserving native biodiversity. Emblems are circular and show a fish and plant


View  a brief overview (PDF) of what is required for the AQUA scheme

For further information on the South West Lake's Trust involvement in the project, please see The South West Lake's Trust Website (external link)

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For more information on AQUA, or if you would like to take part, please contact:

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 RAPID partners: APHA, Natural England, Bristol Zoological Society, Life, Natura 2000

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