Biosecurity Travel Advice for Visitors to the British Overseas Territories

Goods and services

Many territories have restrictions on the importation of various goods and require an import licence and appropriate sanitary certificates before entry is allowed. Restrictions typically apply to:
  • Live animals and plants;
  • Fresh produce for human consumption (fruit and vegetables);
  • Animal and plant products (for example: skins, eggs, feathers, meat, dairy, wood, nuts and seeds);
  • Honey is prohibited from entry to Pitcairn and St Helena.
Visitors planning to import fresh produce, live plants or animals, or plant or animal products, or any other goods which could carry pests, weeds or diseases, should contact the relevant authority in the Territory for advice before you travel.

General Biosecurity Guidance for Visitors to the Overseas Territories

Before travelling please ensure all items are clean, free from organic materials such as mud, faeces, seeds and invertebrates. We recommend:

  • Check your footwear, outdoor clothing and day packs to make sure they are clean and free from weed seeds, mud, invertebrates and plant material. If possible we recommend that you travel with new outdoor clothing and equipment. Shake out or vacuum all the compartments and pockets before you pack.
  • If you have been camping, check that your tent and other equipment is clean, dry and free of dirt and invertebrates such as ants and spiders. Shake it out before you pack it up for travel and ensure no soil remains on tent pegs.
  • If you have been hiking, visiting a wilderness area, farm or zoo, make sure your footwear and clothes are clean and free from seeds, mud and faeces. Check boot soles for mud between the treads, Velcro fastenings for seeds and plant material, and shake out or vacuum pockets to remove any dirt and plant material.
  • If you are carrying golf, fishing or other sports and outdoor equipment with you, make sure they are clean, dry and free from dirt and any live creatures.

Specific details are given for each Overseas Territory as follows:

  • See General Biosecurity Guidance, above
British Antarctic Territory:
British Indian Ocean Territory:
British Virgin Islands: 
Cayman Islands:
Cyprus Sovereign Base Areas:
  • See General Biosecurity Guidance, above.
Falkland Islands:
  • See General Biosecurity Guidance, above.
Pitcairn Islands:
  • See General Biosecurity Guidance, above.
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands:
St Helena:
Tristan da Cunha:
Turks and Caicos Islands:

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