Marine biosecurity toolkit

The marine biosecurity toolkit consists of a package of 7 documents produced by the Joint Nature Conservation Council and Marine Management Organisation under the CSSF project. They are designed to assist the OTs to address the issue of marine invasive non-native species, and draw on the available knowledge and experiences from around the world.
Overview of the toolkit

A. Hull fouling tool.
A simple and practical method for ranking hull fouling on a scale of 0 to 5, with illustrations, together with an example datasheet.

B. Ballast water guidance. Explanation of the Ballast Water Convention and what it means for the OTs, together with an annotated example of a Ballast Water Record Book and guidance on how it should be completed.

  • The toolkit also includes a ballast water risk assessment tool in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. This tool is designed to help determine the level of risk the ballast water of different vessels may pose to the territories and whether the ballast water more or less likely to contain invasive species. This risk assessment should be used with the Ballast Water Monitoring Guidance (Document B) in the OT biosecurity toolkit.
C. Sampling guidance. This document describes sampling that can be conducted whilst existing monitoring activities are carried out. It is in the form of rapid assessments and opportunistic sightings, in (i) ports and marinas, (ii) rocky shore intertidal zone, and (iii) roving dive surveys. An example datasheet is provided.

D. One-page identification guides for 25 of the priority marine species identified during the horizon scanning exercise. The species selected for this initial kit are those of concern for the most OTs:

E. Risk mitigation measures and management strategies. A review of existing literature on potential risk mitigation measures and management strategies for reducing the impact and presence of 25 marine invasive non-native species listed in documents D, showing where mitigation activities have been found to work.

Reference list

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