Biosecurity toolkit

Here you will find various protocols and guides for biosecurity actions. If you have something you’d like to share with other OTs on this page please let us know.

Contingency plans and rapid response

Biosecurity legislation

Model biosecurity legislation has been produced, together with a summary, explanatory notes and outline subsidiary legislation. This is in a form which can be applied to any OT (or other jurisdiction); the Legal Checklist is a tool to analyse gaps in existing legislation with references to the relevant model text to facilitate use of the model as a resource. The Guidance on drafting biosecurity legislation draws on the experience of St Helena, and outlines the commitments and work expected from an OT receiving project help in drafting biosecurity legislation.

Two versions of the model text are available: the full one, and a simplified one, suitable for smaller OTs.

Full model text:
Simplified model text:
Training module on the development of biosecurity legislation and international framework (PDF)

Biosecurity Training

Biosecurity training framework (PDF) for new staff, showing available on-line training courses and where they fit into the framework

Border controls

To assist territories working to set up or improve their biosecurity facilities, view specifications for a biosecurity facility and list of specialist equipment (PDF), with costings and links to possible suppliers. In December 2020 the NNSS secured £45k from the UK government to equip a new biosecurity facility in Tristan da Cunha. View the list of items bought (Word), as an example of what can be bought for this sum.

The following are import health standard templates for a range of commodities, together with three inspection protocols, for modification and adaptation to fit any territory.

  1. Guidance notes and Import Health Standard Fresh Fruit and Veg Humans Template (Word)
  2. Guidance notes and Import Health Standard Live plant material Template (Word)
  3. Guidance notes and Import Health Standard Vehicles, Machinery and tyres Template (Word)
  4. Guidance notes and Import Health Standard Composts and Peat Template (Word)
  5. Guidance notes and Import Health Standard Rock stone gravel Template (Word)
  6. Guidance notes and Import Health Standard Sawdust woodchips and shavings Template (Word)
  7. Guidance notes and Import Health Standard shipping containers Template (Word)
  8. Inspection protocol for fresh produce Template (Word)
  9. Inspection protocol for live plant material Template (Word)
  10. Inspection protocol for vehicles Template (Word)

Editable Inspection Guides (PowerPoint) for biosecurity inspectors, customs officials and agricultural officers, showing where to look, what to look for, and what to do in the event of an interception for:
  • Passengers’ luggage
  • Fresh produce for human consumption
  • Live plants
  • Shipping containers
  • Vehicles & machinery
  • Sand & aggregate

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