RAPID Biosecurity Conference/Workshop in Concarneau May 2019

About the event

In May 2019, the Animal and Plant Health Agency, who are leading the EU-funded RAPID LIFE project, along with the IUCN French Committee and the French Agency for Biodiversity, who together run the French IAS Resource Centre (Centre de Ressources sur les EEE), are organising a cross-border information exchange event on biosecurity in riparian, aquatic marine and freshwater environments.

This event will take place at the Marinarium in Concarneau, Brittany (France) on 16th and 17th May 2019.


The event will bring together stakeholders involved with biosecurity in aquatic environments at all levels, from the United Kingdom and France. Participants from other European countries will also be encouraged to attend.

The event will involve presentations from experts in the field from the United Kingdom and France, and workshops between stakeholders on key issues in the prevention of IAS in aquatic environments. There will also be a field visit (optional) on the morning of the 17th.

The objectives of the event are:

- to discuss the issues impacts and the dispersal of IAS in aquatic environments and to raise awareness of these issues amongst stakeholders
- to go over the existing legislation on IAS at the national, European, and global levels
- to share experience of biosecurity measures gained in Great Britain on projects such as RAPID LIFE and the Check Clean Dry campaign
- to identify key target audiences for education and awareness campaigns in France and to share biosecurity resources
- to exchange information and best practice and to encourage communication and collaborations between stakeholders

Stakeholders invited to attend will include scientific researchers in the field of IAS in freshwater and marine environments; water companies; habitat managers; the maritime and riverine transport sector; associations of recreational water users (such as anglers and boaters); tour operators; local and national government, and representatives of the European Commission.


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