Biosecurity event in Concarneau (France) May 2019

About the event

On 16 and 17 May 2019, a cross-border information exchange event took place in Concarneau, Brittany (France) which was co-organised by the Animal and Plant Health Agency, who are leading the EU-funded RAPID LIFE project and the French IAS Resource Centre (Centre de Ressources sur les EEE). The event focused on biosecurity for preventing the spread of invasive alien ('non-native') species in aquatic marine and freshwater environments.

The event was held at the Marinarium in Concarneau (part of the French National Museum of Natural History's network) and was attended by nearly 50 people from several different countries and representing a wide variety of stakeholder affected by invasive alien species in aquatic environments. The idea was to share knowledge, expertise, and ideas between countries and stakeholder groups in the hope of collectively improving biosecurity and preventing the spread of invasive alien species in these environments.

Talks were given by experts in the field from France, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, and Belgium. Stakeholders who attended included scientific reserachers in the field of IAS in marine and freshwater environments, water companies, habitat managers, associations of recreational water users (anglers and boaters), local and national government, and representatives of the European Commission. Simultaneous interpreters helped to facilitate communication,  enthusiastic discussions were held, and potential future collaborations were identified.

View the full programme  and view the full list of attendees

The objectives of the event were:

- To discuss issues relating to IAS in aquatic feshwater and marine environments and to raise awareness of these issues amongst stakeholders
- To go over the existing legislation on IAS at the national, European, and global levels
- To share experience of biosecurity measures gained in Great Britain on projects such as RAPID Life and the Check, Clean, Dry campaign
- To identify key target audiences for education and awareness campaigns in France and to share biosecurity resources
- To exchange information and good practice and to encourage communication and collaboration between stakeholders and between countries

Inspired by this experience, we will continue to work together at an international level and to encourage the exchange of information within European and international networks.

All of the presentations given during the event can be accessed online on the French IAS Resource Centre's website here, along with other relevant documents: (external link) 

The event was written up by the French IAS Resource centre in an article which can be read in English here. 

Short articles summarising the event are also available. You can view the summary in English (PDF) or you can view the summary in French (PDF)  These are also available on the French IAS Resource Centre's website (external link)

For more information

- On the RAPID Life project: contact Alexia Fish (

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- On the French IAS Resource Centre, see their website (external link), or contact Emmanuelle Sarat ( )

The attendees gathered for a group photo in the sun outside the Marinarium

The attendees gathered for a group photo in the sun outside the Marinarium


 RAPID partners: APHA, Natural England, Bristol Zoological Society, Life, Natura 2000


RAPID LIFE was a European Union funded project led by the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) in partnership with Natural England and Bristol Zoological Society and supported by a number of further technical partners.

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