Local Action Groups Workshop 2019

On 5th - 6th February 2019 the GB Non-native Species Secretariat organised the 10th Local Action Groups Workshop, funded by Defra, at Preston Montford Field Centre, Shrewsbury.

The workshop consisted of presentations from Local Action Groups, open discussions and an event biosecurity demonstration.  

Workshop Proceedings (PDF)


Welcome and highlights over the past 10 years (PDF) (Niall Moore, GB NNSS)
Defra Update (PDF) (Angela Taylor, Defra)
Asian hornet update (PDF) (Nigel Semmence, APHA)
RAPID Life (PDF) (Alexia Fish, APHA)
Using INNS Mapper (PDF) (John Cave, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust)
Network Rail (PDF) (Catherine Chatters, Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust)
Sharing best practice for biosecurity (PDF) (Martin Fenn, Environment Agency)
Biosecurity and Comm's (PDF) (Lucy Cornwell, GB NNSS)
Biosecurity at Events (PDF) (Mark Hudson, Dee Invasive Non-native Species Project)
Biosecurity to slow the spread of INNS (PDF) (Ellen Paganini, Yorkshire Dales INNS Steering Group)
Human benefits of invasive species management (PDF) (Nicola Morris, Cornwall / South West Invasive Species Forums & CINNG)
Managing the risk of INNS within the South West region and DISI Update (PDF) (Kate Hills, South West Water)
Water supply vs INNS: the provision of water and prevention of spread (PDF) (Rachel Naden, Yorkshire Water)
Funding ideas (PDF) (Sally Potts, BEACON)
Environmental Land Management Scheme (PDF) (Niall Moore, GB NNSS)
The River Barle Signal Crayfish Project (PDF) (Nicky Green, River Barle Signal Crayfish Project)
Update on LAG work (PDF) (Sandy Belloni, Community Connection Projects CIC)
Our River Wellbeing Project Update (PDF) (Lyn Byrne, NWWT)
An update on the biocontrol of Crassula helmsii (PDF) (Sonal Varia, CABI)
Participants at the 2019 Local Action Group workshop

Thin strip of image show tree trunk and bark