Invasive Species Week

The first Invasive Species Week took place in 2015, bringing together a range of organisations to raise awareness of invasive non-native species and inspire people to #GetINNSvolved and stop the spread.

Invasive Species Week 2019

Invasive non-native species harm the environment and wildlife, are costly to the economy, and can even pose a risk to our health and way of life.

During Invasive Species Week, organisations across the UK, Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man are working together to raise awareness and ask everyone to help prevent their spread to protect the environment and recreational spaces for future generations to enjoy!

Find out more about invasive species and their impacts here, or watch our short video. Then check below to find out what’s happening each day, and how you can help to protect the environment.

Follow along at @InvasiveSp and look out for events taking place throughout the week near you.

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What can I do to help?

1. If you’re an angler, canoeist, boater or similar, Check Clean Dry your kit after leaving the water to avoid spreading invasive species between waterbodies. It’s even more important if you’re abroad as you could bring back new plants and animals.

2. Be Plant Wise when planning a clear out of your garden, pond or aquarium, dispose of plants responsibly and don’t dump them in the wild.

3. Take care of your pets, never release them or allow them to escape into the wild. It’s cruel and could harm other wildlife.

4. Look out for Asian hornet. Find out more and report sightings at or download the Asian Hornet Watch app.

5. If you enjoy being outside why not join a Local Action Group working on invasive species management. Contact to find your nearest group.

What's happening in Invasive Species Week?

Each day this week we'll be taking a closer look at invasive species across a range of important habitats which are home to some of our most vulnerable wildlife. Check back each day for a short video showing some of the ways that invasive species are causing problems in each habitat:

Monday 13th May: Freshwater and riparian
Tuesday 14th May: Urban
Wednesday 15th May: Marine
Thursday 16th May: Woodland and bogs
Friday 17th May: Small islands

Follow along at @InvasiveSp and look out for events taking place throughout the week near you.

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How can I get involved in Invasive Species Week?

Follow @InvasiveSp on Twitter and retweet posts, create additional posts of your own if you can. Remember to use #InvasivesWeek in your posts. Share infographics and materials online through any other online channels you have (website etc).

Share details / photographs of any events you’re taking part in, of invasive species impacts near you, any invasive species work you’re involved in, displays in your office, any good practice by colleagues and volunteers etc. Use #InvasivesWeek in any posts on social media.

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Images used throughout: Catherine Chatters, Environment Agency, GB NNSS, Jean Haxaire, John W Anderson, Natural Resources Wales, Nick Davies, RPS Group, Trevor Renals.

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