RAPID: Regional IAS Management Plans (RIMPs)

What are RIMPs?

RIMPs are documents that are intended to bridge the gap between high-level strategies such as the GB NNSS Strategy and the work done by Local Action Groups at the local level. Experts in each region have produced Regional IAS Management Plans (RIMPs) for each of five regions in England: East, Midlands, North, South East and South West. The RIMPs are intended to deliver consistent but regionally tailored recommendations on prevention, early warning, rapid response, eradication and control of IAS throughout England.

RAPID North Region RIMP

RAPID Midland Region RIMP

RAPID South East Region RIMP

RAPID East of England Region RIMP

RAPID South West Region RIMP

RAPID LIFE is a European Union funded project led by the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) in partnership with Natural England and Bristol Zoological Society and supported by a number of further technical partners.

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