Yorkshire Invasive Species Forum

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Yorkshire Invasive Species Forum, led by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, aims to provide a joined-up approach to tackle the issue of invasive species in the region. The forum was set up in 2012 with the overall objective of bringing together all those working to manage the problem. Partners are Yorkshire Water and the Environment Agency with and Natural England and the University of Leeds sitting on the Steering Group.

We work with these organisations and individuals (including dedicated volunteers) to record and map the presence of invasive species and the management being undertaken. Using this information, and with the support of our partners and volunteers, we are creating a long term, sustainable way of working for tackling those found along our waterways. YISF offer a variety of roles to fit different motivations for volunteering and to meet the different needs of the forum. All volunteers are given an initial workshop which educates them on good biosecurity practice (linking into the GB Non-Native Species Secretariat’s ‘Check, Clean, Dry’ campaign), INNS identification and Yorkshire Wildlife Trust’s health and safety policies and processes.

INNS Mapper is a major part of the YISF INNS project and was supported by funding from the RAPID project, DEFRA, Yorkshire Water and the Environment Agency. The web-based tool allows users anywhere in England to record information on presense of INNS, indicate areas of absense of INNS and, crucially, any management being undertaken. Users can easily log sightings, investigate waterways and identify stretches that need targeting for surveying and management. The PlantTracker app also feeds directly into INNS Mapper.

Please email invasives@ywt.org.uk for more information.

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