Local Action Groups Workshop 2018

On 30th - 31st January 2018 the GB Non-native Species Secretariat organised the ninth Local Action Groups Workshop, funded by Defra, at Preston Montford Field Centre, Shrewsbury.

The workshop consisted of presentations from Local Action Groups, including talks about experiences and lessons learnt, and discussion sessions in which groups were asked to discuss solutions to problems around the themes mentioned above.


LAG Welcome and EU IAS Regulation (Niall Moore, GB NNSS) (PDF)
GB Invasive Non-native Species Strategy and HMG's 25 Year Environment Plan  (Angela Taylor, Defra) (PDF)
Summary and timeline of Rapid LIFE project  (Alexia Fish and Dave Parrott, APHA) (PDF)
SINNG, On a marine mission  (Nicola Morris, SINNG) (PDF)
Yorkshire Dales biosecurity project  (Sarah Clarke, Yorkshire Dales Biosecurity and INNS Working Group) (PDF)
Yorkshire Invasive Species Forum  (Ellie Barham, Yorkshire Invasive Species Forum) (PDF)
Invasive crayfish, what can we do about them?  (Nicky Green, Devon Invasive Species Initiative) (PDF)
Non-native Invasive Species in the Cromarty Firth region  (Lynn McKelvey, Cromarty Firth Fishery Board & Trust) (PDF)
Environment Agency's Approach to Biosecurity  (Martin Fenn, Environment Agency) (PDF)
Invasive Species Week  (Lucy Cornwell, GB NNSS) (PDF)
Invasive Species Week  (Nicola Morris, SINNG) (PDF)
Check Clean Dry update  (Lucy Cornwell, GB NNSS) (PDF)
Invasives and other river work in the Colne catchment in Watford  (Sandy Belloni, Community Connection Projects CIC) (PDF)
Update on Creeping Water Primrose, Breamore Marsh (Joanne Gore, Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust) (PDF)
Water Environment Grant Scheme  (Gavin Measures, Natural England) (PDF)
A strategy for Floating Pennywort  (Trevor Renals, Environment Agency) (PDF)
Update on the CABI UK invasive weeds biocontrol programme (Carol Ellison, CABI) (PDF)
Experiences from the River Barle Signal crayfish project (Nicky Green, Devon Invasive Species Initiative) (PDF)

Participants at the 2018 Local Action Group Workshop

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