Invasive Species Week 2018

In 2018 Invasive Species Week was bigger than ever, with Ireland, the Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey involved for the first time.

What have I missed?

Friday 23 March - launch of Invasive Species Week 2018!

Defra Biosecurity Minister, Lord Gardiner, and Environment Ministers from the UK, Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey launched Invasive Species Week 2018!
L-R Gavan Barrie Scottish Government, Minister Geoffrey Boot MHK Isle of Man, Hannah Blythn AM Wales, Minister Denis Naughten TD Ireland, Lord Gardiner UK, Sarah McGreevy Guernsey, Deputy Steve Luce Jersey, Denis McMahon Northern Ireland.
Monday 26th – Ornamental plants.

You've probably heard of the infamous Japanese knotweed but did you know there are over 90 invasive non-native plants in Britain, and that the majority were originally introduced as garden or pond plants? We're asking everyone to Be Plant Wise to prevent their spread.

Lord Gardiner visited a lake in Hillingdon with the Angling Trust and Environment Agency to hear about the impacts of one of these invasive plants, floating pennywort.

Lord Gardiner and Environment Agency staff removing floating pennywort. Image: Clearwater photography

Lord Gardiner and Mark Owen (Angling Trust) installed Check, Clean, Dry signage. Image: Clearwater photography

Tuesday 27th – Hitchhikers.

Invasive non-native species can be spread from tiny animals. plant fragments, and seeds, and some aquatic species can survive out of water for over two weeks in damp conditions. We've been sharing information on the ways that recreational water users, field workers and anyone out in the countryside can help to prevent the spread of INNS, by following Check, Clean, Dry.

Our 2018 Check Clean Dry Border Biosecurity campaign was launched, with our posters in place at Dover Port for the summer.
Wednesday 28th Exotic pets.

Be kind to pets and the environment - never release pets, or allow them to escape, into the wild
Thurs 29th – #getINNSvolved

On the last day of Invasive Species Week 2018 we heard how you #getINNSvolved! From keeping an eye out for Asian hornet, to following Check, Clean, Dry, to volunteering with a Local Action Group.

We also highlighted some key species to be on the look out for, and the free tools available to record sightings including the Asian Hornet Watch app, available from Google Play or the App Store.

Thin strip of image show tree trunk and bark