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MSFD UK Priority Monitoring Species List

MSFD UK Priority Species ID Guides

Biosecurity and Awareness Raising

Marine Biosecurity Planning Guidance for Wales and England (Natural England and Natural Resources Wales 2015)

Marine Biosecurity Planning Guidance - Biosecurity plan template document

Marine Biosecurity Plan Template - Construction Activities

Marine Biosecurity Plan Template - Events

Marine Biosecurity Plan Template - Estuary Wide

Example Biosecurity Plan - Dean and Reddyhoff Haslar Marina

Example Biosecurity Plan - Quay Marinas Conway

Marine Biosecurity Planning Project 2016/17 - Final Report to Natural England

Marine Biosecurity Planning Guidance - Training pack

Marine Biosecurity Planning Guidance - Sample marina biosecurity plan

INNS information for the shellfish aquaculture industry (Natural England, 2015)

INNS information for the shellfish aquaculture industry (Natural England, 2015) - Welsh language version

Marine Biosecurity Planning Guidance Document for Scotland (Scottish Natural Heritage 2014)

Risk Reduction (Biosecurity) Guidance - Lessons Learned (Natural England, 2014)

Marine biosecurity planning - Identification of best practice: review (Firth of Clyde Forum, 2011)

Marine biosecurity information - key guidance documents and websites.

Further information on invasive non native species

North Wales Marine Aliens Tool Kit
Project report


  1. INNS Projects
  2. INNS Project Plan
  3. Introduction to the Workshop
  4. Marine Alien Species: An Overview
  5. Marine Alien Species: Champions
  6. Marine Alien Species: Biosecurity
  7. Event Poster Template
  8. CCD Marine Plants Bilingual
  9. Mitten Crab
  10. Pacific Oyster
  11. Wakame
  12. Slipper Limpet
  13. Wireweed
  14. Useful Links
  15. Roller Marine Aliens
  16. MASC Logo
  17. MASC Logo (PNG)
  18. MAS Information
  19. NWWLT Marine Pathways Champions Project Report 31 March 2014

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