Biosecurity for events

Biosecurity at an adventure race (image CFINNS)

Britain is home to large areas of countryside which are of great ecological and economic significance. Taking part in outdoor events is a great way to explore our natural environment, but comes with a responsibility to protect them.

Following a good biosecurity routine will help to reduce the risk of introducing and spreading invasive non-native species, which can easily be transported on clothing, footwear and equipment.

Event organisers can play a key part in improving biosecurity and protecting the environment. Participants should be asked to arrive at the event with all their kit clean and dry. It is recommended to set up a cleaning station for those who turn up with damp or dirty kit and for use after the event.

Find out more by downloading an Event Biosecurity Support Guide below. A Biosecurity Risk Assessment is also available and can be used to plan event biosecurity.

Thin strip of image show tree trunk and bark