Local Action Groups Workshop 2011

Participants at the 2011 Local Action Group workshop

On 25th and 26th January 2011 the Non-native Species Secretariat organised the second Local Action Group Workshop which was funded by Defra at Preston Monford Field Centre, Shrewsbury.

There were three themes to the Workshop:

  1. Volunteers and public engagement
  2. Training and good practice guidance
  3. Funding


Programme (PDF)

The workshop consisted of presentations from Local Action Groups, including talks about experiences and lessons learnt, and discussion sessions in which groups were asked to discuss solutions to problems around the three themes mentioned above.

Participants of 2011 Workshop

Jane Birch (EA) Pevensey Levels Floating Pennywort Control Strategy
Sarah Bird Chester Zoo
Matthew Blumler Quaggy Waterways Action Group
Olaf Booy GB Non-native Species Secretariat
Samantha Bull Wiltshire Wildlife Trust
Katherine Causer (EA) Mersey Life Project
Bekka Close South Cumbria Rivers Trust
Marina Curran-Colthart Argyll and Bute Council
Matthew Ellis Countryside Council for Wales
Vicky Freke Avon Invasive Weed Forum/EA
Ceri Gibson Tyne Rivers Trust
Joanne Gore New Forest Non-native Plants Project
Andrea Griffiths Medway Valley Countryside Partnership
Sean Hathaway City and County of Swansea
Joanna Heisse Environment Agency
Chris Horrill Rivers and Fisheries Trusts Scotland
Emma Houghton Bollin Valley Partnership
Verity Hunter GB Non-native Species Secretariat
John Kelly Invasive Species Ireland
James Macfarlane Cornwall Council
Barbara Macritchie National Trust for Scotland
Mike McCabe Countryside Council for Wales
Fergus Mitchell River Avon Invasive Plant Forum (Natural England)
Niall Moore GB Non-native Species Secretariat
Meryl Norris Cromarty Firth Fishery Trust/BTCV
Alison Reed Eden Rivers Trust
Trevor Renals Environment Agency
Lisa Rennocks Cornwall Wildlife Trust
Vic Richardson Thames 21
Angela Robinson Scottish Government
Paula Spiers Avon Frome Partnership
Mike Sutton-Croft Norfolk Non-native Species Initiative
Huw Thomas Defra

Breakout discussion sessions

The breakout discussion sessions were highly informative. Important information, suggestions and experiences discussed under the three themes has been incorporated into the Local Action Group pages and you can find them from the links below:



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