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Take free e-learning on non-native species (external link)

The University of Leeds have developed an adapted version of the biosecurity module for anyone carrying out field work as part of their academic career. Take this free e-learning for field researchers (external link)

Identification and recording

Find out more about non-native species using the Non-native Species information Portal

Identification guides for a range of non-native species

Invasive non-native plants associated with fresh waters (PDF) - a guide to their identification, developed by Scottish Natural Heritage

Training pack (ZIP) to use when delivering training to staff and volunteers

Gallery of images of non-native species

Educational Materials

Educational resources for 7-11 year olds (ZIP)

Educational resources for 11-14 year olds (ZIP)

Our Riverbank (PDF)

Alien Detectives (external link)

Invasive species wordsearch (PDF)

Invasive species detective game (PDF)

Invasive species quiz


Guidance on practicing biosecurity

Check Clean Dry leaflet for anglers (PDF)

Check Clean Dry leaflet for boaters (PDF)

Check Clean Dry leaflet for canoeists and kayakers (PDF)

Check Clean Dry leaflet for all water users (PDF)

Visit the Check Clean Dry pages for more information on aquatic biosecurity

Guidance on how anglers can avoid spreading the invasive killer shrimp (PDF)

Guidance on how boat users can avoid spreading the invasive killer shrimp (PDF)

Report on biosecurity for anglers (PDF) including recommendations for clubs and instructors


Control methods for non-native aquatic and riparian plants

Safe disposal of waste plant material

Health and safety

Further training and advice

Training courses and experts

Recommended reading list

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