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Invasive non-native species are one of the top threats to global biodiversity, cost the economy over £1.7 billion a year, and can even impact on our health and the way we live. Their impacts affect us all, and we can all help to prevent their spread.

Below are free resources designed to educate young people about this issue:


Older students can take free e-learning on non-native species (external link). Available modules include:

  • An introduction to non-native species
  • Identification and recording
  • Identification of key freshwater plants
  • Identification of key freshwater invertebrates
  • Identification of key riparian plants
  • biosecurity

Identification and recording

Find out more about non-native species using the Non-native Species Information Portal 

Identification Guides for a range of non-native species

Gallery of images of non-native species


When carrying out fieldwork in the aquatic environment, remember to Check Clean Dry after leaving the water to oprevent the spread of invasive aquatic species. Download a Check Clean Dry leaflet (PDF)

Thin strip of image show tree trunk and bark