Media and Communications Working Group

The Media and Communications Working Group was set up in March 2008. The main task of the working group was to develop a draft Media and Communications Strategy for the GB Non-native Species Programme Board.  Angela Robinson (Scottish Government) was chair of the Working Group, and secretary was Niall Moore (Head of the Non-native Species Secretariat).  

The Media and Communications Plan, originally published in 2010, was reviewed and updated by the Media & Communications Working Group in 2016, and republished in 2017. 

View the 2017 Media and Communications Plan

View the 2010 Media and Communications Plan

Full membership of the Working Group is listed below.

Membership of the Media and Communications Working Group included representatives from:

  • Countryside Council for Wales Defra (incl. marketing rep)
  • Environment Agency
  • Fisheries and Angling Conservation Trust
  • Horticultural Trades Association
  • Natural England
  • Non-native Species Secretariat
  • Ornamental Aquatic Trades Association
  • Pet Care Trust
  • Plantlife
  • Scottish Environmental Protection Agency
  • Scottish Natural Heritage
  • Scottish Government (incl. marketing rep)
  • Wales Environment Link
  • Welsh Assembly Government
  • Wildlife and Countryside Link

Terms of reference:

  • To identify the key messages that require wider promulgation in order to increase stakeholder/public engagement in tackling the INNS issue;
  • To identify key target audiences (associated with important pathways) on which resources would be optimally spent to reduce the risks;
  • To advise on optimal ways of reaching these key target audiences as well as more general audiences e.g. appropriate publicity material and its effective dissemination;
  • To advise on the production and dissemination of codes of practice.
  • To advise on a specification for a public awareness baseline survey.
  • Sub-groups may be established (as necessary and potentially with wider participation) to produce sub-strategies for particular target audiences or to address specific issues.


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