Aquatic Plants

Invasive non-native aquatic plants are a particular problem. They can spread rapidly, choke waterways, increase flooding risk and damage angling interests. Many infestations result from people removing plants that have out-grown their ponds and dumping them in nearby waterways. There are several public relations campaigns for non-native aquatic plants:

'Be Plant Wise' aims to inform gardeners about invasive non-native species, how to 'know what you grow' and 'compost with care'.

Plantlife are running a campaign to help stop the spread of invasive non-native plants called "Against the Flow".

In Scotland they also have "Pond Alert" to raise awareness of invasive non-native plants in ponds and have produced a colourful leaflet to help identify suitable native and unsuitable non-native plants.

You can access the Water for Wildlife Campaign - All Choked Up here.

Managing invasive non-native plants in or near fresh water - Environment Agency 2010

Invasive alien plants in aquatic environments - ONEMA The French National Agency for Water and Aquatic Environments 2015

Good practice management guidance for curly waterweed - RAPID LIFE (2018)

Thin strip of image show tree trunk and bark