How can you comment on or contribute to our website?

Our website is here to support the Invasive Non-native Species Framework Strategy for Great Britain and all the stakeholders involved in this work.

If you have a comment or suggestion for the website we would like to here from you and we encourage contributions from our stakeholders.

In particular we would be keen to receive information about projects you are working on and training events, click here to add your information straight into our projects database.

In addition, we encourage you to send in:

  • Articles to add to our news feed
  • Images to add to our gallery (remember you will have to agree to allow these to be used by anyone that wants to use them)
  • Non-native species sounds and video clips
  • Case studies relating to invasive species
  • Comments on all of our work, particularly the Non-native Species Portal, Risk Assessment and ID sheets
  • Examples of education and awareness materials
  • Good practice management and biosecurity information
To send in any of these things, please contact us.

Thin strip of image show tree trunk and bark