Non-native Species Secretariat

The Secretariat consists of 4.6 dedicated members of staff: Head of the Secretariat is Dr Niall Moore, Secretariat Co-ordinators are Olaf Booy, Lucy Cornwell and James Millet, and Secretariat support is Linda Raine. All are based at the Animal and Plant Health Agency in York.

Aims of the Secretariat:

  • To support the actions and decisions of the Programme Board, undertaking a programme of work to meet these aims.
  • To organise and facilitate meetings for the Programme Board, Stakeholder Forum, Risk Analysis Panel (NNRAP) and Working Groups.
  • To ensure the smooth functioning of the Programme Board, through effective communication with all relevant parties.
  • To produce and maintain a central web-based source of information on non-native species issues and the GB co-ordinating mechanism for non-native species issues.
  • To report annually on its activities to the Programme Board.
  • To act as a central link for developments on non-native species in Ireland, Europe and UK Overseas Territories.

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