Non-native Species Secretariat

The Secretariat consists of 3.6 dedicated members of staff: Head of the Secretariat is Dr Niall Moore, Secretariat Co-ordinators are Olaf Booy and Lucy Cornwell, and Secretariat support is Linda Raine. All are based at the Animal and Plant Health Agency in York.

Aims of the Secretariat:

  • To support the actions and decisions of the Programme Board, undertaking a programme of work to meet these aims.
  • To organise and facilitate meetings for the Programme Board, Stakeholder Forum, Risk Analysis Panel (NNRAP) and Working Groups.
  • To ensure the smooth functioning of the Programme Board, through effective communication with all relevant parties.
  • To produce and maintain a central web-based source of information on non-native species issues and the GB co-ordinating mechanism for non-native species issues.
  • To report annually on its activities to the Programme Board.
  • To act as a central link for developments on non-native species in Ireland, Europe and UK Overseas Territories.

Contact the Secretariat

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