GB Programme Board

The Programme Board is made up of senior representatives from across GB Administrations and their agencies. The Programme Board meet quarterly and minutes of meetings can be found by selecting 'meetings' from the menu on the left.

Objectives of the Programme Board:

  • Developing a vision for addressing non-native species issues in Britain, identifying and agreeing priorities, and a 'SMART' programme for achieving these
  • Identifying, corresponding with and inspiring those responsible for delivering activities under the programme, including the development of delivery mechanisms and the assessment of impacts
  • Coordinating research programmes (including utilisation of existing coordination mechanisms such as the (Biodiversity Research Advisory Group) and, where appropriate, undertaking projects
  • Ensuring the exchange of experience, information and specialist expertise on non-native issues amongst key agencies and sectors
  • Increasing public awareness of the key issues associated with threats posed by invasive non-native species issues
  • Developing/encouraging development of publishing guidelines/codes of conduct aimed at prevention, detection and control, including through constructive liaison with industry
  • Steering the overall direction of the provision of information to the public through a targeted education and awareness strategy, encouraging constructive engagement including with industry, and working alongside existing initiatives e.g. on illegal imports.

Membership of the Programme Board includes representatives from:

  • Defra (Chair)
  • Scottish Government
  • Welsh Government
  • Forestry Commission
  • HM Revenue and Customs
  • Joint Nature Conservation Committee
  • Environment Agency
  • Natural England
  • Scottish Natural Heritage
  • National Resources Wales
  • Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency

Use the following link to find the minutes of previous Programme Board meetings

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