Training Working (sub) Group

The Training Working Group was established in October 2010 as a subgroup of the Media and Communications Working Group and has now completed its work.  Its main role was to provide recommendations for improving non-native species training provision in GB in the form of the Report of the Non-native Species Training Working Group, for the GB Non-Native Species Programme Board. Olaf Booy (Non-Native Species Secretariat) was chair of the Working Group.

Membership of the Training Working Group included representatives from:

  • Centre for Ecology and Hydrology
  • Countryside Council for Wales
  • Environment Agency
  • Horticultural Trade Association
  • Marine Biological Association
  • Non-Native Species Secretariat
  • Plantlife
  • Rivers and Fisheries Trusts Scotland
  • RPS
  • Scottish Natural Heritage
  • Welsh Government

With workshop attendees (October 2011) from:

  • British Trust for Conservation Volunteers
  • Cornwall College
  • Field Studies Council
  • Ground Control
  • Harper Adams UC
  • Highways Agency
  • Institute of Ecological and Environmental Management
  • Marine Scotland Science
  • Scottish Environment Protection Agency

Terms of Reference:

  1. To identify the main groups that require training and their training needs.

  2. To identify key subjects/areas which should be covered by training (possibly developing a GB training programme).

  3. To recommend methods to support and enhance existing training (including increasing awareness of, and access to existing training).

  4. To identify the highest priority/highest impact training needs and opportunities and mechanisms to deliver these.

  5. To consider whether there is a need for

            a. Web-based/online training;

            b. Better understanding of both employers and employees of the need for training;

            c. Guidance for good quality training;

            d. An accreditation mechanism; and

            e. Interacting with and providing support for applied colleges.

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