Non-Native Species Information Portal

The Non-native Species Information Portal (NNSIP) provides a central repository for distribution data and information about non-native species in Britain. Launched in 2011, the provides basic information about all non-native species in Britain and more detailed factsheets for 300. The main aim of the project is to improve the recording and flow of non-native species distribution in Britain and provide a central repository of useful information accessible to all stakeholders.

Visit the Non-native Species Information Portal (NNSIP)

The project is overseen by a steering group, of which the members are:

  • Contractor: Biological Records Centre (plus subcontractors British Trust for Ornithology and Marine Biological Association as appropriate)
  • Chair: Defra non-native species policy
  • GB Non-native Species Secretariat
  • Defra NEG science team
  • Environment Agency
  • JNCC
  • Natural England
  • Scottish Government
  • Natural Resources Wales

Specific objectives of the NNSIP project are to:

  1. Collate existing data on the introduction, distribution and impact of non-native species.

  2. Analyse trends in the rate of non-native species introduction, spread and impact.

  3. Summarise and report significant changes in the distribution or abundance of non-native species

  4. Establish a system of alerts for the interception of new introductions.

  5. Identify data gaps and instigate additional biological recording.

  6. Horizon scan for emerging threats

  7. Compile species profiles for key invasive species

  8. Make species profiles available on web-pages hosted by the Non-native Species Secretariat, alongside information on interceptions, introductions and distribution of non-native species.

  9. Assess the scope for participation by the general public in the process of data collection for a number of species.

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