Cumbria Freshwater Invasive Non-Native Species Initiative

The Cumbria Freshwater Invasive Non-Native Species (CFINNS) Initiative is a collaborative project currently funded by the Environment Agency, Natural England and DEFRA. It is a pilot for a county-wide, multi-catchment project for freshwater and riparian invasive non-native species (INNS). The Initiative’s vision is to achieve a sustainable county-wide management framework that will prevent the introduction of, or detect, control and/or eradicate specified INNS throughout Cumbria.

The CFINNS Initiative is aiming to promote awareness and management of Freshwater invasive non-native species issues from promoting biosecurity to training volunteers and co-ordinating removal of certain species.

The freshwater resources of Cumbria – its many tarns, lakes, rivers and becks – are of great ecological and economic significance. INNS have the potential to cause substantial damage to these fragile ecosystems so it is vital that we all take responsibility for protecting them.

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ID workshop run for National Trust staff

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