Lancashire Invasive Species Project

Volunteer carrying out an invasive species survey at Ings

Surveying Ings

The Lancashire Invasive Species Project is a pilot project hosted by the Ribble Rivers Trust and funded by the Environment Agency. Established in November 2011, we have two full time invasive species officers, Adam Walmsley and Charlie Poate. The project will coordinate the control and eradication of invasive species throughout Lancashire in order to improve the ecological status of our rivers. This will be achieved by working closely with landowners, farmers, volunteers, anglers and local organisations. It is hoped that the catchment based approach will prove to be a very effective way of managing invasive species.

The objectives of the project are:

1. To use existing data to establish the extent and distribution of invasive species in Lancashire

2. To gain long-term commitment from landowners and to engage with people and organisations to tackle invasive species

3. To prioritise locations for carrying out management work for maximum gain

4. To create and implement a dynamic management plan for the control of invasive species 

Volunteer carrying out an invasive species survey at Crag Clough

Surveying Crag Clough

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