Cayman Islands

The JNCC database lists 114 introduced species for the Cayman Islands.

Problems with invasive non-native species

In the Cayman Islands there are a range of non-native species which are causing ecological problems. As well as agricultural pests, invertebrates include a species of fire ant (Solenopsis invicta) which are predators of other invertebrates. They can also affect some vertebrate species such as small native lizards and native iguanas, through egg predation or by invading their nests. Cats, dogs and predatory rats are also an issue for the native iguanas (three sub-species of Cyclura nubilis) as they are very efficient at predating the iguanas and their nests. When looking at plants there are also some non-native species which are competing against the native species (Varham 2006).

Non-native Solenopsis invicta

Native Cyclura nubilis

A draft Nature Conservation Law is currently under consultation

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