Where can I get funding?

Sources of funding

GB Government

Welsh Government

  • SPLASH (Welsh Assembly Government) - The water recreation challenge fund for Wales.
  • Wild Fishing Wales (Environment Agency Wales) - Projects to improve access and the local habitat.
  • CCW (send out list of all grants available each month)
  • WAG (aggregates tax)

Scottish Government



  • Business sponsorship
  • Land owners
  • Collaboration in R&D such as with fishing tackle manufacturers or distilleries in Scotland (R&D also receives tax relief)
  • Corporate sponsors such asThames Water and sponsorship in-kind (eg resources and manpower)


  • National Lottery funding
  • Heritage Lottery Fund
  • Esmee Fairbairn Foundation
  • Aquatic restoration fund - Funds to deliver physical improvements to river, loch, estuarine and coastal water bodies and wetlands.
  • Wellcome Trust - Biomedical research and the medical humanities, with the aim of improving human and animal health
  • Better Woodland Wales
  • Woodland Grant schemes
  • OPAL (open labs for monitoring involving community)
  • charities
  • university research funding (also use students for practical work)
  • valleys and regional parks
  • Personal donation
  • Trusts eg Esmee Fairburn
  • Tubney Trust
  • SITA  Trust (Landfill Tax - London)
  • Landscape Trust.

In order to get more funding for vital projects please contact us to add to this list any suggestion you may have.

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