Horticultural Code of Practice

Codes of practice are designed to encourage people to act responsibly. For non-native species problems it is vital that people carry out their activities (for example growing plants for garden centres, trading in exotic plants, holding a private collection of plants or animals or owning a pet) in a responsible and informed manner to minimise the risks to the environment.

A Horticultural Code of Practice has been developed by GB Administrations, Trade organisations, NDPBs and Environmental NGOs. Please use the following links to find the correct version of the code for you:

Other documents that should be read in conjunction with this code include:
Web links for various materials relating to the Horticultural Code of Practice
Advice about the importation of plants:
Advice on alternatives to invasive non-native species: 
Advice and regulations on waste disposal:
Composting and other soil related issues go to:

Information on The Weeds Act 1959 (external link

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